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Unique and innovative cosmetic products

We create and develop new cosmetic products for our customers every day.

Approaching a century of experience in the development of cosmetic products, we have built up a broad cosmetics know-how and product range that we are constantly developing and expanding. We draw on a wealth of formulation expertise and use the most suitable and sustainable packaging materials for our products. Once a product has been designed, developed, and put through its paces, we will produce it on our own machines in compliance with the highest quality and safety standards. After the final inspection, the product will then be ready to be delivered to its final destination, and thereby turning the customer’s wish into reality.

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We will produce your product according to your desires

From initial consulting to the final product

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We are your experts for the production of cosmetics

At FEMIA, we have been developing cosmetics since 1932.
In 1994, our focus shifted to the business segment for the development and production of Private Label products and, therefore, a typical B2B business.

Another business area is full-service contract manufacturing, in which we advise, support, and supply selected B2B customers.

Rather than simply delivering cosmetic products, we offer individual complete solutions, from market research and analysis to range and product recommendations.

As your partner, we will support you from the very beginning and will stand by you at all times with our expertise in marketing, sales, research and development, and packaging management.
Your product is our focus.

We have the technology, the experts, and the solutions to manufacture your unique cosmetic product and, thereby, we guarantee the highest “Made in Germany” quality.

We stand for delivery capability and security in secure and uncertain times alike.

We will do everything in our power to be a reliable and loyal partner to you, making sure that your product reaches its destination quickly, safely, and efficiently.

We liebencosmetics.