For more natural and greener cosmetics

We have set ourselves high goals so that we, too, will leave a green footprint as a company and contribute to a greener world. Our Green Agenda focuses on three key aspects: CO2, packaging materials and ingredients.

Getting rid of CO2

  • As of now, we are already CO2-neutral.
  • We not only want to keep compensating for our production’s CO2 emissions, but actively reduce them by 50% until 2025.
  • By 2027 at the latest, we want to cease the use of fossil fuels to supply our buildings, production, and operational mobility pool.
  • We always offer our customers the most sustainable production solutions.
  • We always favour climate-neutral as well as local suppliers.

We focus on more sustainable packaging materials

  • 95% of all packaging materials will be suited for the recycling system in accordance with the German standards by 2027.
  • We always offer our customers the most sustainable product solutions.
  • By 2030, 100% of our ingredients for formulations and our packaging materials shall be traceable.

We abstain from the use of ingredients that are harmful to the environment

  • We always offer our customers the most environmentally friendly product solutions.
  • Our formulations are free of microplastics and environmentally critical synthetic polymers.
  • We will switch resource-critical raw materials to certified ones or alternative certified raw materials by 2025.